Growing Through Learning and Application

These documents are and hopefully always will be a work in progress.  Please feel free to comment, correct, and add to improve them.  Note the Google doc where you can make comments. 

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Virtually everything on this webpage has had pastoral review.  Reviewed documents have an x in the R column. 

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Online Version Download Version (Word, etc.) Comment version (Google Docs) Notes C R
Anger Anger Comment/improve here Overview of Anger along with solutions x x
Anger Questions Anger Questions Comment/improve here Worksheet to apply anger solutions x x
Motivation from within Motivation from within Comment/improve here How to become internally motivated - A study and worksheet x x
Motivation (a secular view) Motivation (a secular view) Comment/improve here A secular viewpoint with verses (truth is truth!)-A study and worksheet x
Thankfulness Thankfulness Comment/improve here A Biblical study of thankfulness - A study and worksheet x  x
Decision Making Guide Decision Making Guide Comment/improve here A guide to making decisions that are best - A worksheet x  x
Regrets  Regrets Comment/improve here Dealing with regrets - A study and worksheet x
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